Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth

Your dentist will ask if you floss every day during almost all your visits. Unfortunately, many people do not floss every day. Many of us, have made it in brushing their teeth at least twice in a day but never remembers to floss. I want you to know that flossing has a lot of health benefits just as oral hygiene and you should make a point of flossing every day.

Flossing acts as interdental care because unlike brushing which cleans the outer surface, flossing cleans the inner parts of your teeth and gums. The tight spaces between your teeth and gums can be difficult to clean through brushing, but flossing does it all. That said, I am sure you can see the importance of taking flossing seriously. Read on to understand more benefits of flossing.

Prevents Gum Disease

accumulated plagueAs we said earlier, flossing helps to remove dirt in between teeth. The food residues here are known as plague. If left on the gums, it decomposes resulting to gum disease. Research shows that more than half of adults in the world suffer from gum disease. The same study shows that gum disease is more common among people who do not floss compared to those who floss. That said, I think you should shift from the group that never flosses to the other side for healthy gums.

Flossing Is More Effective Than Brushing Alone

The union of flossing and brushing produces better results. About 30% of the surface of the teeth remains dirty after brushing. Flossing takes over from where toothbrush bristles reach. It removes food remains and other dirt trapped in between the teeth and gums. Combining both, you will have clean teeth all through.

Reduce Gum Bleeding

Many people bleed when brushing their teeth. Bleeding will be reduced if you start flossing. People who experience painful brushing fear to floss thinking that it will be the same. But if you try it, all the pains and bleeding will be gone in a couple of days.

Prevents Bad Breath

foul breathWhen food residues are trapped in your teeth or gums, they decompose, and you will start having a foul mouth. Flossing can remove the bad smell. We have repeatedly said that flossing eliminates the food debris in between the teeth hence, nothing to produce the foul odor. If you have been looking for means to keep your mouth fresh, flossing is what you have been missing.